Four Year Strong start work on follow-up to ‘Enemy Of The World’

Massachusetts pop punks get set for their fourth studio album

Four Year Strong have announced they are working on a new album.

The US four-piece have been writing and recording at New Jersey’s House Of Loud studio with producer David Bendeth following recent departure of keyboardist Josh Lyford.

The forthcoming release will be the Massachusetts band’s fourth studio album and the follow-up to their 2010 Universal debut ‘Enemy Of The World’.

Speaking to, vocalist/guitarist Alan Day revealed they band are creating some of their “best songs they have written to date”.

Day added: “We’re just writing rock songs. We’re writing everything that just feels right. We’re trying not to fall into any genre or fall into any scene or fall into what people think we should be doing.”

“We write about friends,” he said. “We write about music, we write about our fans, we write about our career, we write about the music industry, we write about family.”

Four Year Strong will briefly head out on tour before returning to House Of Loud in June to finish the recording.