Lovers get engaged during Laura Marling’s Glastonbury set

The Park Stage gets romantic as singer-songwriter plays intimate show

A couple got engaged during Laura Marling‘s Glastonbury set on The Park Stage tonight (June 26).

The intimate stage got all romantic as the proposal took place at the end of ‘Blackberry Stone’.

“I don’t know if you saw, but someone just proposed and got a good answer,” Marling told the crowd. The audience all cheered in celebration, as the singer-songwriter explained why she couldn’t dedicate them the next song, ‘Don’t Ask Me Why’.

“I’d dedicate the next song to the happy couple, but it’s not a nice song,” she joked.

Backed by cello, banjo and double bass, as well as playing solo during the set, Marling praised the crowd for making it up to the top of the site: “It’s very nice to be back at The Park Stage, it’s the only stage I’ve played at Glastonbury… You’ve been very, very kind to us.”

Laura Marling played:

‘Devil’s Spoke’
‘Hope In The Air’
‘Rambling Man’
‘My Manic And I’
‘Blackberry Stone’
‘Don’t Ask Me Why’
‘Night Terrors’
‘Goodbye England’
‘Alpha Shallows’
‘What He Wrote’
‘Alas I Cannot Swim’
‘I Speak Because I Can’

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