Hear new album from ex-Panic At The Disco splinter band Young Veins early – audio

Ryan Ross and Jon Walker are back with The Young Veins

Ryan Ross – ex-Panic! At The Disco songwriter, guitarist and singer – and his bandmate, bassist Jon Walker, have formed a new group, The Young Veins, and you can hear their debut album ‘Take A Vacation!’ before its release now.

The pair recorded the album mostly live over the course of two short sessions at Castle Oak Studios and Sunset Sound in Los Angeles. The album was produced by Alex Greenwald from Phantom Planet and Rob Mathes, who has worked with Panic! At The Disco, Carly Simon and Lou Reed.

“We want to be good at our craft, whether it’s writing music or playing it live,” Ross said of the live sessopms. “Jon and I just feel like a lot of bands have an either/or sort of feel – either they’re really poppy but don’t have a good vibe, or they have good vibe but the songs aren’t great. And we really wanted to avoid that. We feel like we’re trying to be the band that we’re missing right now.”

The pair recently told NME that breaking from Panic At The Disco was like “splitting up with a girlfriend”.

The album features guest vocals from Rilo Kiley’s Jason Boesel and Z Berg from The Like. Listen to the album below now.