Edinburgh gig cancelled because crowd was ‘too drunk’

Stringent door policy forces Dead Sea Souls to pull show

Scottish ska band Dead Sea Souls cancelled their Edinburgh gig on Saturday (January 29) after fans were turned away for being drunk.

The band were due to play an under-18s gig at The Store venue, but cancelled it after around 20 fans failed a breath test on the door, leading to them being denied entry.

Some of those who were refused protested and told staff that their equipment was faulty. As a way of placating the fans staff members tried it themselves and, according to the software, were also found to be intoxicated.


Despite this, the fans were still not allowed in.

Writing on the band’s Facebook page, Facebook.com/deadseasouls, singer Gary Burns apologised and criticised the staff. “We are really sorry we could not play for you at the venue as matters were taken out of our hands,” he wrote.

He added: “We know our fans. They are not troublemakers and weren’t falling around drunk. So in defending our crowd, we challenged security to breathalyse staff to test the quality of the machine they used. The staff also tested positive, proving that the equipment was faulty.”

He went on to say: “The venue still refused entry to those who had done no wrong, by using a piece of testing equipment that was entirely illegal for them to use and very faulty. For that we decided we could not be associated with the gig.”

In response, venue manager Jack Wright said: “There was no problem with the breathalyser. There are three different settings – green, amber and red. The kids were coming up red and when the staff used it just after the kids it was coming up amber because there was so much alcohol from the previous breath.”

Dead Sea Souls have said that they will play a free gig for all those who were denied entry to Saturday’s show.