Women ‘split up’ following onstage Halloween bust-up

Canadians cancel gigs after nearly coming to blows

Women were involved in an onstage bust-up, during which band members claimed the quartet had split up, at a Canadian gig last week (October 29).

The Calgary group came to blows while playing the Lucky Bar in Victoria, British Columbia, reports Exclaim.ca.

According to eyewitnesses, there was an altercation between the band members at the start of the gig – guitarist Patrick Flegel then declared: “We’re breaking up right now, you’re all going to see our last show.”


The band managed to play five songs, during which various members quit the stage, until Flegel was left alone trying to smash up a guitar, before the house PA was turned on and bouncers encouraged him to leave the stage.

According to one person in the crowd, “This was all extra comical [as the band were] in Halloween costumes.”

Women‘s Canadian label Flemish Eye have since announced that the band are cancelling three more dates so the group “can get some sleep and work things out. There are no plans to cancel other upcoming dates.”

They added: “The band has been under a lot of stress on this tour, and are pretty exhausted from the intensive schedule of the last two months.”

Women‘s next scheduled date is set to take place in Carambolage on November 13.