SoundCloud launches new ‘Suggested Tracks’ algorithm

An update of their previous auto-plays

SoundCloud has launched a new suggested tracks discovery algorithm to help listeners find new tracks tailored to their tastes.

Until now, SoundCloud has used ‘related tracks’ to determine what songs automatically play after the one you were just listening to. The new suggested tracks algorithm aims to end the situation in which seemingly random tracks play next.

Writing in a statement, SoundCloud have said that the algorithm “uses your listening activity to automatically find new tracks and artists – ones that you’ve likely never heard before, but are similar to the things you already know and love.”


The algorithm for related tracks was based on “a network of relations and interactions on SoundCloud,” and the recommendations could “be both directly or indirectly related to tracks in this network.”

SoundCloud recently launched a streaming subscription services in the UK, after introducing one in the US earlier this year. SoundCloud now features audio ads, promoted tracks, creator partnerships and struck a deal with Global Radio, the UK’s biggest commercial radio group, for its DAX audio exchange to sell ads across the SoundCloud service.

The SoundCloud Go service is priced at £9.99 a month and allows users to opt out of receiving adverts as well as accessing a catalogue of music, offline listening and more.