Ten killed at gig in Indonesia

The venue was packed to double its capacity

Ten people have been killed in a stampede at a pop concert on the Indonesian island of Java today (December 20).

Police said the victims were suffocated or trampled to death.

A gig by band Ungu had played at a stadium packed to double its 6,000 capacity.

Hospital sources said 15 people had been admitted after the stampede. Three more are being treated in intensive care, and dozens of others were taken to local health clients.

The stampeded occurred when audience members tried to exit the stadium in Pekalongan, which only had two narrow exits.

The casualties were said to be teenagers. Local police sources said the stadium was over-filled as thousands of people had entered without tickets.

They added that the problem was compounded by a lack of exit gates as a crowd of another 2,000 fans were waiting on the road outside, reports BBC NEWS.