Les Savy Fav play to star-studded London crowd

Singer Tim Harrington gets dressed up for Shockwaves NME Awards show

Les Savy Fav played a spectacular Shockwaves NME Awards Show last night (February 10) to a star-studded London crowd.

New York’s favourite indie rockers’ return to the UK, at the Astoria, was witnessed by Bloc Party‘s Kele Okereke, The FutureheadsBarry Hyde, Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly and members of The Horrors.

Les Savy Fav‘s cult frontman Tim Harrington did not disappoint, spending as much of the show in the audience as on the stage, and wearing an array of outfits ranging from Hawaiian shirts, pirate hats, devil suits and, at one point, surfing over the audience with an angel smock and a lady’s blonde wig.

Describing the band’s special nature of their rare visits to the UK, Harrington told NME.COM: “It’s a cock tease type situation. I think it’s better for our relationship with the UK to just have the occasional meet up for weekends and get it on. And we don’t tell anyone what happened. It’s just a thing between us, we can keep it special.”

And accounting for the array of clothes, he said: “I’m here for the whole week, and the longer I’m away I get nervous, and when I get nervous I put more stuff in the bag. I think I do more dress up for England.”

Les Savy Fav played a set that took in songs from all across their 13-year career, although Harrington acknowledged the groundswell in support that has greeted most recent album ‘Let’s Stay Friends’.

He said: “We have a lot of old school fans here as well, but people are here with their first babysitters, right? People who were like 22 when they were 16. But I wouldn’t call it a new lease of life; we have the same lease on life. We continue to renew the same lease on life, even though the landlord is constantly jacking up the rent, year on year. There’s a 12 per cent rent increase each year.”

Returning for the encore wearing shiny red tights, Harrington led the band through a blistering version of the Pixies‘Debaser’.

“We like ‘Debaser’, who doesn’t like it?” Harrington stated. “It’s kind of a cheap shot. We played at New Year’s Eve in New York and we played some of our own songs but we played tons of covers – ‘Mama Weer All Crazee Now’ by Slade, ‘Sliver’ by Nirvana, ‘Everybody’s Got To Live’ by Love. We played all those songs that are, like, cheap shots.”

The band also pledged that their cover of Archers Of Loaf‘s ‘Wrong’ would be retired after last night’s show, although Harrington did admit: “It’s such an awesome song, but I want every single person regardless of age, musical taste, to all know that song and sing along with it.”

Les Savy Fav played:

‘What Would Wolves Do?’

‘Patty Lee’

‘Reprobates Resume’

‘Yawn Yawn Yawn’

‘We’ll Make a Lover Of You’

‘The Equestrian’

‘The Sweat Descends’

‘Scotchgard The Credit Card’

‘One Way Widow’

‘Scout’s Honour’

‘We’ve Got Boxes’

‘The Lowest Bitter’

‘The Year Before The Year 2000’

Support came from a double bill of hot Cardiff bands Future Of The Left and Los Campesinos!, while Cut Off Your Hands were replaced by Lo-Fi Culture Scene.