Have your voice heard at next year’s star-studded ceremony…

Tell us who should win, here.

The SHOCKWAVES NME AWARDS are almost upon us – and here’s your chance to vote!

On February 17, 2005 the great and the good of the rock world will descend on a central London location for the ultimate rock’n’roll party of the year.

But who will be punching the air in triumph, and who will be punching their publicist in tears? That, readers, is up to you! The ShockWaves NME Awards is the only gong-giving ceremony in which the winners and losers are chosen not by some nefarious – nay, non-existent – ‘steering committee’ or panel of industry insiders. These are YOUR awards, so it’s only fair that it’s YOUR opinion that counts.

But whose mast should you pin your colours to? Well, on the one hand there’s a barrow-load of brilliant new bands that are more than deserving of your vote this year, from homegrown heroes like Razorlight, Morrissey and Kasabian to overseas sensations such as Scissor Sisters, The Killers and The Bravery.

Then there’s the comeback kings – Beastie Boys, the White Stripes and U2 – and the never went aways like Hives, The Strokes and [/a].

Will you plump for the grit of The Streets or the grandeur of Muse? The comedy pastiche of Goldie Lookin Chain or the considered polemic of Green Day? Those sharp-suited Swedes [a], or those scruffy Londoners [a][/a]? And what about the non-musical categories: ‘Spiderman 2’ or ‘Some Kind Of Monster’ ‘Little Britain’ or Grand Designs? NME.COM or that website that shows you pictures of people impaled on spikes? And don’t even get us started on Worst Dressed…

As ever, though, the choice is yours. So get your thinking caps on, argue the toss with your mates and then fill out the form. Tell us who should win, here. Power to the people!