'Reptilia' storms in at Number One...

Whenever a new STROKES single is released, it’s inevitable that it cruises straight to Number One in the NME video chart.

Note [a][/a] hot on their heels, though – will this all change next week? Only if you get voting.

This week’s Top Ten is:

1. The Strokes – ‘Reptilia’

2. The Distillers – ‘The Hunger’

3. Ash – ‘Clones’

4. The Vines – ‘Ride’

5. The Mars Volta – ‘Televators’

6. The Darkness – ‘Love Is Only A Feeling’

7. stellastarr* – ‘My Coco’

8. Courtney Love – ‘Mono’

9. Ryan Adams – ‘This Is It’

10. Kasabian – ‘Reason Is Treason’

You, dear readers, are the chart puppetmasters, with the ability to destroy bands careers with a simple click of the mouse. What larks.

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