The comeback kings prove enduringly popular with you lot...

Beastie Boys remain at the top of the NME CHART this week (May 23) for their third consecutive week.

The Killers, The Datsuns and Hope Of The States continue to rise up the charts, while Morrissey starts to slide in the countdown.

New entries this week come from The Ordinary Boys with ‘Talk Talk Talk’, Reuben with ‘Freddy Krueger’ and PJ Harvey‘s ‘The Letter’.

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The week’s Top Ten is:

1. The Beastie Boys ‘Ch-Check It Out’

2. The Killers ‘Mr Brightside’

3. The Datsuns ‘Blacken My Thumb’

4. Hope Of The States ‘The Red The White The Black The Blue’

5. Razorlight ‘Golden Touch’

6. Muse ‘Sing For Absolution’

7. Morrissey ‘Irish Blood, English Heart’

8. The Ordinary Boys ‘Talk, Talk, Talk’

9. Reuben ‘Freddy Krueger’

10. PJ Harvey ‘The Letter’

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