But how long can they stay there? You decide...

Beastie Boys have stayed at the top chart of the NME CHART tonight (May 16), for the second week in a row.

But how long can they stay there? Muse, Morrissey, Razorlight, The Datsuns are all climbing towards the hallowed pole position, but not so for The Killers and Vines, who slide the slippery slope to non-chartness.

New entries this week come from Hope Of The States and Kasabian.

But who wins next week? And where did Franz Ferdinand go to? You decide. Get voting!

1. The Beastie Boys – ‘Ch-Check It Out’

2. Muse – ‘Sing For Absolution’

3. Morrissey – ‘Irish Blood, English Heart’

4. Razorlight – ‘Golden Touch’

5. The Datsuns – ‘Blacken My Thumb’

6. The Killers – ‘Mr Brightside’

7. The Vines – ‘Winning Days’

8. Kasabian- ‘Club Foot’

9. Hope Of The States – ‘The Red, The White, The Black And The Blue’

10. Bloc Party – ‘Banquet’

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