And Franz Ferdinand move back up. Yikes!...

Beastie Boys rise to the top of the NME CHART this week (May 9) with ‘CH-CHECK IT OUT’, knocking MUSE’s ‘SING FOR ABSOLUTION’ down to Number Four.

Franz Ferdinand‘s ‘Matinee’ climbs to Two and The Killers’ ‘Mr Brightside’ to Three, while poor Morrissey slips to Five and, er, heaven knows he’s miserable now.

But fear not! A bit of healthy competition never hurt anyone and this week sees new entries come from Razorlight and The Datsuns.

What happens over the next seven days? If this chart-bunfight is anything to go by, goddammit, Shed Seven will be at Number One next week! Get voting!

This week’s NME Chart is:

1. Beastie Boys – ‘Ch-Check It Out’

2. Franz Ferdinand – ‘Matinee’

3. The Killers – ‘Mr Brightside’

4. Muse – ‘Sing For Absolution’

5. Morrissey – ‘Irish Blood, English Heart’

6. The Vines – ‘Winning Days’

7. Ash – ‘Orpheus’

8. Razorlight – ‘Golden Touch’

9. The Datsuns – ‘Blacken My Thumb’

10. Bloc Party – ‘Banquet’

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