’Cold Hard Bitch’ is the new Number One video…

Jet fly to the top of this week’s NME CHART (August 22) with their new single ’COLD HARD BITCH’, while Music battle on with ’FREEDOM FIGHTERS’ climbing to Number Two.

New entries come from Interpol with their ‘Slow Hands’ and Muse’s ’Butterflies And Hurricanes’.

But with Libertines, The Killers and Prodigy all falling in this week’s chart, who will still be in the chart by this time next week? You decide – get voting!

This week’s NME Chart looks like:

1. Jet – ‘Cold Hard Bitch’

2. The Music – ‘Freedom Fighters’

3. Franz Ferdinand – ‘Michael’

4. The Libertines – ‘Can’t Stand Me Now’

5. Interpol – ‘Slow Hands’

6. The Killers – ‘All These Things I’ve Done’

7. Muse – ‘Butterflies And Hurricanes’

8. Beastie Boys – ‘Triple Trouble’

9. Prodigy – ‘Girls’

10. Goldie Lookin’ Chain – ‘Your Mother’s Got A Penis’

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