The band hang onto number one despite valiant efforts from Morrissey and The Beastie Boys...

MUSE hold onto the top spot in this week’s NME CHART (May 2), despite a valiant new entry from Morrissey at two with ‘IRISH BLOOD, ENGLISH HEART’ and Beastie Boys‘ ‘CH-CHECK IT OUT’ at four.

Sandwiched between the two, Franz Ferdinand are relegated to three.

The only other new entry this week comes from Jetplane Landing at nine with ‘Brave Gravity’.

But this could all change in the next seven days, so get voting!

This week’s NME Chart is:

1. Muse – ‘Sing For Absolution’

2. Morrissey – ‘Irish Blood, English Heart’

3. Franz Ferdinand – ‘Matinee’

4. The Beastie Boys – ‘Ch-Check It Out’

5. The Killers – ‘Mr Brightside’

6. Ash – ‘Orpheus’

7. The Vines – ‘Winning Days’

8. Bloc Party – ‘Banquet’

9. Jetplane Landing – ‘Brave Gravity’

10. The Walkmen – ‘The Rat’

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