It's an art rock triumph...

Streets have climbed the NME CHART mountain this week (April 11) and firmly planted their art rock flag at its peak.

Wolfman and Pete have stopped off for a fag at Two with ‘For Lovers’, while 22-20s slide to Three with ‘Fit But You Know It’ after a problem with their safety harness.

In a new entry airdrop, [a][/a], Yourcodenameis: milo, Bloc Party and Art Brut land on the craggy incline to begin their ascent.

What happens next? You decide – get voting!

This week’s NME Chart is:

1. Franz Ferdinand – ‘Matinee’

2. Wolfman featuring Peter Doherty – ‘For Lovers’

3. The Streets -‘Fit But You Know It’

4. The Ordinary Boys – ‘Week In, Week Out’

5. The Stills – ‘Changes Are No Good’

6. 22-20s – ‘Why Don’t You Do It For Me?’

7. Yourcodenameis: Milo – ‘All Roads To Fault’

8. Bloc Party – ‘Banquet’

9. The Von Bondies – ‘Tell Me What You Can See’

10. Art Brut – ‘Formed A Band’

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