Fair play, 'Fit But You Know It' has a brilliant video...

Streets have put an end to the catfight at the top of the charts between THE STROKES and PETE DOHERTY AND WOLFMAN.

The toys are so much back in the pram that Julian Casablancas and the boys have dried their eyes and are on their way home via Number Ten.

Elsewhere in the rundown, NME Britpack headliners 22-20s make their chart debut at nine with ‘Why Don’t You Do It For Me?’.

Why don’t we do it for you? Because you choose who flies and who dies… get voting!

This week’s NME Chart Top Ten is:

1. The Streets – ‘Fit But You Know It’

2. Wolfman featuring Peter Doherty – ‘For Lovers’

3. The Ordinary Boys – ‘Week In, Week Out’

4. The Killers – ‘Somebody Told Me’

5. Ash – ‘Clones’

6. Snow Patrol – ‘Chocolate’

7. The Distillers – ‘The Hunger’

8. The Beta Band – ‘Assessment’

9. 22-20s – ‘Why Don’t You Do It For Me?’

10. The Strokes – ‘Reptilia’

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