Don’t be a mug: the best music-themed mugs for your morning cuppa

Do you feel unable to complete the day without a dose of caffeine and some musical inspiration? In that case, we’ve got something for you. Check out our collection of music-themed novelty mugs and sip from something stylish.

Oasis Inspired Tea Here Now Mug – Buy Now
There is nothing quite so stereotypically British as feuding families and a good ol’ fashioned cuppa, so why not enjoy your brew out of this punny mug whilst calling your siblings a potato.


novelty-mugs-nmeLed Zeppelin 77′ USA Tour Mug Buy Now
At the end of 2016 Jimmy Page announced that, “Led Zeppelin isn’t done yet, quite clearly, because every year since 1968 there’s been new fans.” So whether you’re new to the gig or not, grab this mug and get the Led out every morning.

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Kings Of Leon Only By The Night White Boxed Mug – Buy Now
Wow what an awesome mug you have there, if it wasn’t made of such safe and reliable materials I might say it was on fire!

Avenged Sevenfold Seize The Day Boxed Mug – Buy Now
As Avenged Sevenfold finish the last few days of their ‘The Stage World Tour’ tour; here’s a little something to tide you over until their next album release.


Blondie Pop Art Mug – Buy Now
No need to look one way or another at this mug, it’s a platinum blonde stunner worth grabbing whilst you still can. After all deals like this don’t just find’ya everyday…

John Lennon Doodle Boxed Mug – Buy Now
Imagine there was a mug that perfectly harmonised your need for tea with Beatle-mania. You may say I’m a dreamer but here at NME, we’ve got just the mug for you.

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Additional Words: Hermione Kellow