NMIXX’s ‘Young, Dumb, Stupid’ MV edited to remove the word “c**t”

But fans didn't seem to mind the slip up

JYP Entertainment has edited NMIXX‘s new video for ‘Young, Dumb, Stupid’ to remove a vulgar word.

Yesterday, the K-pop girl group dropped the music video for ‘Young, Dumb, Stupid’, a pre-release single from their first mini-album ‘expérgo’. But soon after, eagle-eyed fans noted that member Haewon was wearing a shirt that spelled out “cunt” when read vertically.

The shirt’s full print was the phrase, “C – harisma, U – niqueness, N – erve, T – alent”, which is a popular saying used by drag queen RuPaul on his Emmy-winning reality TV show RuPaul’s Drag Race. In the music video, it was seen at the 0:37 mark, when Haewon opens a door to pick up a package.


The “N – erve, T – alent” part of the phrase has since been edited out from that specific scene in the music video. However, parts of the full phrase can still be seen throughout other parts of the music video, but with the starting letters covered by a cardigan.

NMIXX fans for the most part have taken the slip up in stride, even quoting lyrics from the song in jest. “As the lyrics says, ‘But who cares, but who cares, do whatever we want’,” one fan joked.

One spotted the shirt’s RuPaul’s Drag Race reference and jokingly called the girl group “drag race season 16 [winners]”. Meanwhile, another poked fun at how member Lily, who is Australian, must have reacted when she saw the shirt: “I just know lily had a field day with this one.”

NMIXX are set to release ‘expérgo’ next week on March 20, alongside a music video for the mini-album’s title track ‘Love Me Like This’. The project is the much-anticipated follow-up to their 2022 single albums ‘Ad Mare’ and ‘Entwurf’.

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