Lostprophets members’ new band No Devotion say they’re thankful to be ‘allowed to move on’

Former singer Ian Watkins was convicted of child sex offences in 2013

No Devotion, the band consisting of former Lostprophets members, have expressed their gratitude at fans allowing them to “move on” from their association with Ian Watkins, who was convicted of child sex offences in 2013.

Watkins was found guilty of multiple sexual offences against children and sentenced to 29 years in jail in December 2013. In June 2014, the remaining members of Lostprophets joined forces with Thursday singer Geoff Rickly.

Preparing their debut album ‘Permanence’ for release on September 25, Rickly and bandmate Stuart Richardson recently spoke to NME at Leeds Festival, with the members reflecting on their first 12 months as a group.


“This time last year we had to tell the story every time we stepped onstage I had to say, ‘This happened, but thank you for being here and actually letting us get past it’ and I said something along those lines yesterday and somebody said, ‘Why would you say that, we don’t care any more, that’s the past’ and I was like, ‘Really? It’s only been a year, we haven’t even put out a record yet, we’re allowed to move on’ and everybody’s like, ‘Please move on, we don’t want to think about that any more’ and we’re like, ‘Good, we don’t want to think about that any more, it was a terrible time in our lives.’ So yeah, it’s really nice that we get to move on.”

Rickly continued, “We were told we couldn’t ever do it again, we wouldn’t be on the radio, we wouldn’t be in print, we wouldn’t be at festivals. We were told all that when we started.”

“I’m just really glad to play Reading [and Leeds] again, I thought we were done,” Richardson added.

Meanwhile, the band discussed the sound of their upcoming album saying that it’s not all post-punk and takes influences from the likes of Evian Christ, Gil Scott-Heron and Kelly Clarkson.

Watch the full interview above.

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