The band are all over the forthcoming Playstation 2 / Xbox game 'Malice'...

No Doubt have donated their songs and voices to a new computer game.

Lead singer Gwen Stefani will voice the lead chracter in the forthcoming Playstation 2 / Xbox game ‘Malice’. Also, other members of the band will donate their voices to characters in the game. In addition, songs from the band’s new album ‘Rock Steady’ feature on the soundtrack.

Band guitarist Tom Dumont told MTV: “Malice and Gwen are both kind of bad-ass. There’s an assertive, empowered nature to the way they approach what they’re doing: Gwen rocking the stage, and Malice rocking the game.”

Gwen Stefani added: “The (game) people came to us and proposed that we put some of our songs in this game. And then it kind of evolved into, ‘Well, maybe you guys can be in the game and maybe do the voices.’ And that seemed kind of exciting.”

No Doubt have been announced as one of the support bands on selected dates on the Rolling Stones‘ forthcoming world tour