But distressingly they're claiming that it sounds like poodle-permed soft-metallers Europe. Hmm...

NO DOUBT have gone to JAMAICA to continue work on the follow-up to their ‘RETURN OF SATURN’ album.

The band have already worked on three songs with Kelis producers The Neptunes for their as-yet-untitled new record, due for release by the end of the year.

Speaking in a recent e-mail interview with MTV news, guitarist Tom Dumont said the band’s first batch of demos feature “tons of crazy, dub-sounding keyboard tracks”, a move away from a more traditional guitar-based sound.

He added: “We’re just going to keep recording from this point and maybe write a few more tunes out here as well. Jamaica is so amazing I can’t even believe it!” The band have plans to work with veteran reggae producers Sly Dunbar & Robbie Shakespeare while in the country.

Speaking previously, Dumont compared their new material to Swedish poodle-permed ’80s rockers Europe.

He said: “I would describe our new direction as a fusion of dancehall reggae, Euro-synthpop and victory rock, a la Europe’s ‘Final Countdown’. We’re planning on being very adventurous and working with different producers.”