No Rome tells us about crystalline new single ‘Talk Nice’: “Life has a price to pay”

"Money is something that we have to live with, but so is emotion."

Today sees No Rome drop his new single ‘Talk Nice’. Check it out below along with our interview about the track and what’s to come.

The rising Dirty Hit star spoke to NME while on the road in Australia with his labelmates The 1975, as he gears up to drop a new mixtape. The latest taster ‘Talk Nice’ sees Rome weighing up “the idea of money and reality”.

“The whole topic of the song is me singing about these emotions that relate to cost and money,” Rome told NME. “The reality is that I don’t feel like money is everything, but money is kind of everything in the way that life has a price to pay.”


He continued: “I have this frustration, because I feel like I’m growing up. I don’t know about the side of getting bigger as an artist but I can see that more and more people are being introduced to my music – especially through being on this tour with The 1975. That’s really helped to boost up my fanbase. I feel like these songs like ‘Cashmoney’ were solely written about making money, and this one is an explanation to me about wanting to get rid of that idea. Money is something that we have to live with, but so is emotion.”

As for the striking and dramatic video for the track, Rome told us: “Adam Powell has been doing all my videos. This one is showing the contrast between masculinity and something else, as well as the cars and the concrete alongside humanity. There are two men dancing very gracefully around all of this stuff. It’s a very brutalist video, and that’s what I really love. I love things that are minimal and raw.

Matty Healy’s house has gained something of a reputation on social media as a monument to brutalist living. Has he ever been over?

“I’ve heard!” replied Rome, “but I haven’t been to his new house. I’m living in his old house right now. I’ve seen pictures, though. It looks so cool.”

No Rome. (Photo: Danny North)


Earlier this summer, Rome teased some “romantic” new material as part of an upcoming mixtape. ‘Talk Nice’ is just a teaser of what’s to come, as the project continues to evolve and take him in surprising new directions.

“I’m trying to see how far I can branch out on this next one by trying new things and collaborating with artists that I’m also a fan of,” he said. “There are only two songs on the mixtape that have the feeling of ‘Talk Nice’. There are only two pieces of music that do the whole arrangement of a full band pop song. That’s more me showing my music in the most full and mature way of the moment. This time it’s more about exploration of sound and production. It’s more electronic. My last record was solely a lot of guitar work and heavy rock songs.”

He added: “The guests are Dijon, Beabadoobee, and Bearface. I got into studio sessions with a lot of artists, and the songs are still building up with me getting them to the best place that I can. I want to meet halfway with these guys and make it more collaborative.”

Speaking of a collaborative spirit, Rome is just days away from being announced as part of a Dirty Hit UK tour.

“That’s happening in November,” he told us. “I’m looking forward it. It’s going to be good fun and super wild. Dirty Hit are cool because they sign people who they are fans of. They have so much love, respect and trust for the artists.”

Full details of the Dirty Hit UK tour will arrive on Monday October 8.

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