Noah And The Whale to release new album and film together

'Five Years Time' band reveal new plans

Noah And The Whale have revealed that they will set their next album to a new film, which they will release at the same time as the record.

Bassist Matt Owens told BBC 6music that the follow-up to August’s ‘Peaceful The World Lays Me Down’, which the band had started writing songs for, would be “perfectly” set to the film.

“We are making a visual accompaniment to the record, so that you can go and see a film with the soundtrack fitting perfectly to it,” he said.

He added, “Once we’ve set it visually people are gonna come to it and be more likely to follow it from beginning to end, rather than cut in between bits.

“We live in quite a ‘soundbite’ age. Anything you can do to promote people just sitting down and spending time with the record is a far more rewarding experience.”