Noel Gallagher: ‘I just tell fans who ask for selfies to go and fuck themselves’

Former Oasis man says he loves being famous though

Noel Gallagher has said he still gets frustrated by fans coming up to him asking for selfies.

The former Oasis man has often been outspoken about people stopping him in the street asking for pictures.

And now in a new interview with Rolling Stone, he said it’s the only thing that annoys him about being famous.

“There’s no downside to fame. It is a bit awkward when you’re just walking around a department store trying to buy underwear and there’s people following you with camera phones and shit like that. But the downside to fame, I’ve yet to experience one. It’s great.”

But he added: “I’m sick of fans asking for selfies, but I just tell them to go and fuck themselves. I’m not beholden to anyone with a camera phone and I don’t give a fuck if they think I’m an arsehole.”


Gallagher continued: “I turn down photographs on a daily basis. When people say can I have a picture and I just say no and they just (laugh and) go, ‘Yeah, what really?’ ‘Yeah really I’m fucking busy here buying underwear’. Some people get so offended and then you get people who insist, they insist. If I feel like doing it, I’ll do it if I don’t feel like doing it fuck them. I don’t live my life to have my picture taken by fans whether they buy my records or not. I don’t ask them to buy them.”

He also said that he would have let the remaining members of Oasis carry on with the name when he quit the band in 2009. The High Flying Birds man claims that if the rest of the band had come to him, he would have let them have the name despite them going on to rename themselves Beady Eye.