Noel Gallagher resurrects Oasis demo ‘Lock All The Doors’ on Jimmy Fallon’s ‘Tonight Show’ – watch

The song is lifted from the former Oasis man's recent album 'Chasing Yesterday'

Noel Gallagher and his band High Flying Birds appeared on US TV on Wednesday night (May 6).

The former Oasis man ran through his ‘Chasing Yesterday’ track ‘Lock All The Doors’ live on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon. Watch footage of the performance beneath.

Speaking in 2014 about the song he took decades to complete, Noel said: “There’s a song on this record that’s taken me 23 years to finish, it’s called ‘Lock All The Doors’. I gave a bit of it away to The Chemical Brothers in the ’90s when we did ‘Setting Sun’ and I always meant to finish it off. I kept the chorus but I could never find a way of getting the verse to tie in with this chorus. One afternoon I was coming out the Tesco Metro where I live in Maida Vale, and I don’t know what it was but it just hit me, coming round the corner, just by Boots, it came to me in a flash of inspiration. This song was never released by Oasis, but the chorus is so fucking brilliant I never gave up on it.”

‘Chasing Yesterday’ was released in February. Read the NME review.

Noel Gallagher recently labelled Zayn Malik a “fucking idiot” for quitting boy band One Direction. He told Rolling Stone, “I’ve never met [Malik]. I’ve only met Harry [Styles], who orbits in social circles where sometimes we end up at the same parties. Harry’s not got a great deal to say for himself, but he’s a good lad! For Zayn, though, I’d say, ‘Fuckin’ get a good accountant because life is very fuckin’ long’.”

Gallagher added, “It’s a strange thing for that lad to have done at that age. The greatest quote was – I laughed out loud when I read it ‘ ‘I just want to be a normal 22-year-old.’ Pfft. Who wants to be a normal 22-year-old?! Hang on a minute. You can be fucking anything that moves and gettin’ paid half a million dollars a week, you fuckin’ idiot. You want to be a normal 22-year-old? Have you met any normal 22-year-olds? They’re fuckin’ shit-for-brains. What are you talking about, you fuckin’ idiot?”

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Gallagher also blamed his brother Liam for the recent rumours that the pair will reform Oasis next year. “He’s being a bit disingenuous to Oasis fans in the sense that he always gets their hopes up,” said the singer and guitarist. “There was a rumour last week that we’ve had a gentleman’s agreement [to reform the band], but that rumour’s come from his people. It’s a ‘source close to him’, and I’ll tell you how close it is: She probably wakes up with him every morning. It’s always left to me in an interview to let the kids down. People say, ‘You’re breaking these kids’ hearts.’ Well, what the fuck, man?”

Gallagher appeared on Channel 4 show Chatty Man last Friday (May 1), where he was quizzed by presenter Alan Carr about the prospect of him joining forces with Liam to form a super group called ‘BirdsEye’, a combination of their post-Oasis bands High Flying Birds and Beady Eye, as well as a reference to the frozen food company of the same name. “Well, as enticing as that sounds, I don’t think it’s going to happen. Sorry,” he replied. “No. No. What more can I say? I’ve got nothing more to say on it that I haven’t already said. It’s not going to happen. No, I can’t be arsed.”

Gallagher is currently touring the US in support of the chart-topping ‘Chasing Yesterday’.