Noel Gallagher jokes that High Flying Birds and Beady Eye will never unite as BirdsEye

Former Oasis man makes the comments on Alan Carr's 'Chatty Man' talk show

Noel Gallagher has spoken about the recent Oasis reunion rumours, denying that his band High Flying Birds and brother Liam’s former Beady Eye project would “do a McBusted” and form a supergroup called BirdsEye.

Appearing on Channel 4 show Chatty Man, which will be broadcast tonight (May 1), Gallagher was quizzed by presenter Alan Carr about the prospect of him joining forces with Liam for the comically-named band, a reference to the frozen food company of the same name.

Gallagher replied, “Well, as enticing as that sounds, I don’t think it’s going to happen. Sorry.” He added: “No. No. What more can I say? I’ve got nothing more to say on it that I haven’t already said. It’s not going to happen. No, I can’t be arsed.”


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Last month, reports emerged that the siblings have reached a ‘gentleman’s agreement’ to reform the Britpop outfit.

While Noel had previously not addressed the rumours, Liam Gallagher decided to offer a no comment statement on the matter.

Oasis acrimoniously split in 2009 with Noel citing an inability to work with his brother as the key reason. There has, however, seemingly been a thawing in the pair’s relationship lately. Last month saw Liam taking to Twitter to post a photo of himself holding a backstage pass to one of Noel’s gigs, who in turn has publically encouraged his younger sibling to record a solo album.

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