Noel Gallagher: ‘My son said, ‘You should get your hair cut like Gary Barlow’. I’ve shunned him’

Gallagher also wishes that Manchester City had a player like former Manchester United captain Gary Nevile

Noel Gallagher has joked that he shunned his son after he suggested he get his hair cut like Gary Barlow.

Gallagher revealed his thoughts on the Take That singer in a new interview with XFM Manchester. Despite a long standing feud between Take That’s Robbie Williams and Oasis, Noel conceded that Barlow is “alright”.

“Gary’s alright, my wife likes Gary Barlow,” he said. “My son actually said to me once, ‘You should get your hair cut like Gary Barlow’… I’ve shunned him since, he now lives in the shed!”

Gallagher also offered his opinion on another famous Mancunian, former Manchester United player Gary Neville. He said: “I’m not gonna say anything now that I’d not say to his face. When he played for United I fucking loathed him, and I wished bad things upon him! But since I’ve met him, and since he’s been a pundit on Sky, I think he’s brilliant. I think he’s one of the best of all time.

“I wish City would have had a player like him, someone that had grown up supporting the club and come through and played for England and all that. But he’s a good lad, he’s the pantomime villain at City. And he’s a massive Oasis fan so… He’s getting cooler by the word here isn’t he?”

Gallagher made a triumphant return to Manchester earlier this week as part of his UK arena tour. He was joined onstage at Manchester Arena by Johnny Marr and the pair performed ‘Ballad Of The Mighty I’ together during the encore. The single features on Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds’ second album, the recently released ‘Chasing Yesterday’. Marr plays guitar on the album version, but this was the first time the pair performed the track together in public. Gallagher has called it one of his best songs, thanks to Marr’s contribution.

Gallagher’s tour has seem him play a number of Oasis songs, including ‘Fade Away’, ‘Champagne Supernova’, ‘Digsy’s Dinner’, ‘Don’t Look Back In Anger’ and ‘The Masterplan’.