Noel Gallagher chooses George Best, Mario Balotelli and others for fantasy football band

Gallagher appeared on BBC's 'Match Of The Day' last night

Noel Gallagher picked a fantasy band of footballers before an appearance on BBC’s Match Of The Day last night (February 22).

He then picked Manchester United hero George Best, as well as Zinedine Zidane, Patrick Vieira and Mario Balotelli for his team.

“A lot of footballers these days are squares – to get in my band you need some charisma,” Gallagher, an avid Manchester City fan, told BBC Sport.

On Zidane, who was appointed lead guitarist, Gallagher said: “The lead guitarist has got to be a wizard and that wizard has got to be Zinedine Zidane. He would give the band a bit of French flair and, as a player, he was an absolute genius.

“Watching him play was like watching a conductor of a symphony and, if push comes to shove, he might be my favourite ever player.”

Gallagher appointed Vieira as bass guitarist because the player “has got to be solid and reliable – an immovable rock.” He added: “I would have Patrick Vieira, because he would have the rhythm as well. I thought Vieira’s old rival Roy Keane was one of the great Premier League players but he is just turning into a major pain now.

“Do you reckon he ever laughs out loud? I reckon if he ever belly laughed at anything then he would have to check himself into rehab.”

Gallagher continued that “you have got to have a headcase on the drums and Mario [Balotelli] could also join in with a rap every now and again. He’s like a modern-day rock star anyway.

“Is he the nearest thing we have got to the Liam Gallagher of the Premier League? Oh, for sure. He’s a little bit crazy, a little bit unreliable and a little bit flamboyant… Plus he enjoys his social media and is clearly very bad at writing songs – put all of that together and he could be Liam’s double.”

Finally, appointing George Best as the band’s vocalist, Gallagher said: “In any band, you want a good-looking lad as the singer. Georgie is my frontman because he was the greatest footballer of all time and he looked cool as well – he was football’s first superstar.”

Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds’ new album ‘Chasing Yesterday’ is due for release March 2. Last week, the singer said he would reform his former band Oasis for “half a billion” pounds.