Noel Gallagher: ‘Nigel Farage doesn’t look capable of running a corner shop, far less a country’

Gallagher said he will vote for the 'most ludicrous thing' on the ballot in this year's General Election

Noel Gallagher has spoken out against UKIP leader Nigel Farage, saying of the politician: “He doesn’t look like he could be mentally capable of running a corner shop, far less a fucking country.”

Speaking to The Quietus, Gallagher explained that he’s “not into politics any more”.

He continued: “These days, my own view is that if they truly, truly wanted to fucking better the lives of the people, surely they must all realise that a little bit of conservatism married with a little bit of socialism, married with a little bit of fucking UKIP and a little bit of Green and a little bit of Lib Democrats would be kind of perfect. But they’re all into power, they’re not into politics. And they’re all career politicians and populists. And you know, the next Prime Minister after this one will be Boris Johnson because of that.”

Despite this, he said he would still be voting in the General Election in May. “There’s nothing to vote for any more, but I will vote on the day. Yeah, I vote all the time. I’ll pick the most ludicrous thing on the fucking ballot. Last time I voted for a little guy who was standing round here as a pirate.”

He also railed against UK Prime Minister David Cameron. “And now the Conservatives are just… I mean, what the fuck? David Cameron, he’s trying to be your mate. “Oh, I really like The Jam.” Thatcher was just like, “I’m fucking you in the arse, fuck what you say.” You can kind of respect that.”

Gallagher has done a number of interviews recently as he prepares to release new album ‘Chasing Yesterday’, which is out on March 2. Speaking to NME, he admitted he would love to accept Carl Barât’s invitation to produce the new Libertines album, but the band’s insistence on recording abroad means he will be unable to participate.