Noel Gallagher says songs about his own life would be ‘more boring than James Blunt’

Gallagher was speaking to BBC Radio 2's Edith Bowman

Noel Gallagher has dismissed the idea of drawing from his own life when looking for songwriting inspiration, saying such a strategy would produce work “more boring than James Blunt”.

Gallagher was talking to BBC Radio 2 DJ Edith Bowman (who was filling in for Dermot O’Leary) earlier this afternoon (January 31) about his forthcoming album ‘Chasing Yesterday’, and described the set as lacking a cohesive narrative.

When asked if he considered writing about his own experiences, Gallagher said: “If I wrote songs about my own life, they would be more boring than James Blunt. If that’s at all possible, which we all know, of course, it’s not.”

The former Oasis guitarist was also asked if he had allowed himself to reflect on the past when the band’s debut album ‘Definitely Maybe’ celebrated its 20 year anniversary last year.

“It’s an amazing thing to have been involved in a band that people took to their hearts,” said Gallagher, who went on to reveal he gets asked about the possibility of an Oasis reunion at least twice a week. Paraphrasing his response to fans who ask, he said: “I never got to see The Beatles, and I’m a bigger fan of The Beatles than you are of my band.”

Speaking to NME for his recent cover story, Gallagher described ‘Chasing Yesterday’ as being full of “songs that make you kind of punch in the air while crying a little bit”.

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