Noel Gallagher says ‘Liam’s making a fucking mess of things at the moment’

Brothers have not spoken in nearly a year

Noel Gallagher has said that his brother Liam is “making a fucking mess” of his personal life at the moment, but backed him to be able to get back to his best.

The last twelve months have proven tumultuous for Liam with the Beady Eye split and a long-running court case in New York over financial support for a baby he fathered while married to ex-wife Nicole Appleton.

Speaking to NME in the cover feature of this week’s issue, which is on newsstands now and available digitally, his older brother Noel acknowledges things are not going well for Liam at the moment.


“He’s making a fucking mess of things at the moment, but we’ve all been there,” he says. “I’ve been there. Something like that can be a great thing because you get to the bottom and you cleanse yourself of a lot of fucking shit baggage and you start again. I’m the kind of person that says ‘Fuck it, take it’ and I’ll start again. And that would be my advice to him.”

Asked to pinpoint what went wrong for Beady Eye, who separated in October 2014 after releasing two albums, Noel identifies a key issue with the band’s make up. “They’re a fucking great band but they’re not great songwriters. They needed one great song. Not just a hit single, a great fucking tune. But I don’t think he’ll be out of the game forever.”

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The last time Noel saw Liam was at the Etihad Stadium on May 11 last year, the day Manchester City won the Premier League. “I was in the directors box, obviously, and he was outside selling burgers, and one of the directors asked if I wanted to go on the pitch with the team, and I was like, ‘Fucking yeah’ so I went on the pitch and in the tunnel before I said to [club captain] Vincent Kompany ‘Give us your armband’ and he gave me it, so I was wearing it in the bar afterwards, and I was sitting there talking to somebody, and someone came up behind me and tried to take the armband off and I was like, ‘Fucking get off of it’ and it was Liam. And he was like, ‘Fucking hell man you knobhead, you shouldn’t have that, I should fucking have that’. And that’s how it started. And I was like, ‘Oh yeah, alright, and how are you?’ Every time I see him he is still being a bit of a fucking cheeky cunt. And he’s still putting out the persona of the angry barking dog.”

Meanwhile, Ed Sheeran has responded to Noel’s remarks that he couldn’t live in a world where Ed Sheeran headlines Wembley, stating “I can live in it, it’s really enjoyable”.

Earlier this week Gallagher revealed his new single ‘Ballad Of The Mighty I’ and reiterated his desire to play Glastonbury in June, suggesting that he might take his guitar and play regardless of whether he is officially booked for the festival or not.


Gallagher’s upcoming record ‘Chasing Yesterday’ will be his second solo studio album and features his new single ‘In The Heat Of The Moment’.

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