Noel Gallagher says Russell Brand ‘don’t half talk out of his arse’ – watch

Noel also criticises public's unwillingness to pay for albums

Noel Gallagher has discussed Russell Brand’s political views in a new video interview.

Speaking to Noisey, the former Oasis singer addresses Brand’s recent assertions that a revolution is coming and that people should abstain from voting for current political parties.

“Well, I love Russell but he don’t half talk out of his arse sometimes,” Gallagher says in the clip. “His fine, muscular, pert arse. He does talk a load of shit. I couldn’t see him overthrowing a table of drinks. Do you think he’s going to put himself in charge? Hmm, I wonder.”

He adds: “I was out with him the other night and he says it with a straight face. ‘There is going to be a revolution.’ And I’m like, ‘Fucking hell, mate, give us a shout when you’re going down The Mall with your pitchforks and that, I’ll come and serenade you with my loot before we eat the Queen. He says, ‘Come on mate, back us’ and I’m like, ‘If you make me the Duke Of Manchester then I’m in’.”

Noel also criticises the general public’s attitude to music in the modern age and how they are unwilling to pay for albums, comparing the lifespan of a record to that of an overpriced coffee.

“It infuriates me that people are more willing to sit in a coffee shop and spend a tenner on two coffees, talking about the weather with their friends, and that coffee will last 45 minutes, yet they will physically get angry at you for asking them to buy an album for a tenner that will last a lifetime and might tell you about yourself and might even change your life,” he says. “It’s a strange moment we’re in where people are willing to spend money on shit.”

You can watch the video interview in full below.

Gallagher’s upcoming record ‘Chasing Yesterday’ will be his second solo studio album. It will be released in March 2015.

The full tracklisting is:

‘In The Heat Of The Moment’
‘The Girl With X-Ray Eyes’
‘Lock All The Doors’
‘The Dying Of The Light’
‘The Right Stuff’
‘While The Song Remains The Same’
‘The Mexican’
‘You Know We Can’t Go Back’
‘Ballad Of The Mighty I’