Noel Gallagher: ‘I wouldn’t reform Oasis even if all the world’s starving children depended on it’

Singer also speaks about his friendship with Manchester City's eccentric striker Mario Ballotelli

Noel Gallagher has emphatically ruled out the chances of Oasis reuniting, saying that he wouldn’t reform the band, even if “all the starving children in the world depended on it”.

The guitarist, who released his debut solo album ‘Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds’ late last year, told NME Radio in an inteview which you can hear at the bottom of the page that he has no need to reform Oasis, even though he knows the band’s fans would love to see it.

Asked if there was any truth to his brother Liam Gallagher’s comments that the band were set to reform in 2015, Noel denied this and said when asked if he’d consider working with Liam again: “He shouldn’t have fucking tried to sue me should he?”

Then asked if he would consider reforming Oasis, he said: “Not even if all the starving children in the world depended on it. I know it’s the done thing these days and what people do, but it’s not what I do. I know bands reform and ‘They’re bigger than they ever were’ and ‘They’re more successful than they ever were’, but Oasis were one of the biggest bands in the world.”

He continued: “At any given time, we were one of the five biggest bands in the world. We were the biggest thing to come out of England in 35 years. Why would we do it? For the fans? Nobody ever gave a shit about the fans in that band. It’s done.”

The guitarist also spoke about his friendship with Manchester City’s eccentric striker Mario Ballotelli. The Italian star has enjoyed a very high media profile since he moved to England in 2010 from Italian side Inter Milan and has been involved in a series of widely reported incidents.

These have include him allegedly driving a young fan to school to confront a bully and reportedly handing over £1,000 to a homeless man who he encountered walking through the streets of Manchester. Even though Ballotelli has denied all of these incidents, Gallagher says he reckons there’s a grain of truth to them.

Asked about Ballotelli and the stories about him, Gallagher said: “He says they’re not true, but I reckon he’s trying to play it down. I’ve met him a few times and I know crazy people when I meet them, I’ve got a brother who’s crazy. He’s got the look of the devil in him.”

He continued: “The day I interviewed him, I’d been to watch him train and he was the best player that day and then the story broke that’d he’d been in a strip club at 5am and then he goes straight to training and be interviewed by me. He’s crazy, but he’s a great lad though.”

Meanwhile, Gallagher has confirmed the release of his first solo live DVD on October 15. International Magic Live At The O2 will feature the full gig from his February 26 show plus a second disc which will include footage of his performance from the NME Awards, where he was crowned this year’s Godlike Genius, plus an acoustic set at The Mod Club in Toronto and three music videos from his recent singles.

Gallagher and his High Flying Birds will also play the iTunes Festival tonight (September 12) at London’s Roundhouse. See for full details on how to get tickets.