Noel Gallagher in talks to write Manchester City’s FA Cup Final song

Blues' opponents Stoke City sounding out Tom Jones for their own tune

Noel Gallagher has hinted that he’s going to write Manchester City‘s FA Cup Final charity song.

The former Oasis leader said the Eastlands club called him recently to “bounce a few ideas” off him about a “Band Aid-style” tune.

“If they asked seriously I don’t know. Let’s wait till they ask,” the guitarist told the Daily Star Sunday.

The newspaper quoted a City ‘source’ who said having Gallagher involved in the song would make “a lot of sense”.

Ex-Smiths and Cribs guitarist Johnny Marr and former boxer Ricky Hatton are among the other Blues thought to be in line to appear on the track.

City‘s opponents in the May 15 Wembley Stadium showpiece Stoke City are also apparently in talks with Tom Jones to sing their own ditty.

The Potters want the Welsh singer to revamp his 1968 track ‘Delilah, which is a favourite among their fans.

A spokesman for the club commented: “The song is sung by supporters at every game, home and away, and in particular when we score a goal.”