Noel Gallagher: ‘I’d bring Top Of The Pops back in a heartbeat’

NME Godlike Genius wants BBC music show to return

Noel Gallagher has said that he wants to bring back BBC music show Top Of The Pops.

In an interview with Radio Times, Gallagher admitted that he misses the show he watched as child and later appeared on.

He said:

It was a great British tradition to have Top Of The Pops on a Thursday, and it gave you a chance to see what these people looked like who you were listening to on the radio. We don’t get that any more. I would bring it back in a heartbeat

In the interview, Noel also revealed that he’d like to be a judge on ‘The X Factor’, but only if Simon Cowell gave him £1million to do it.

He said:”It’s about six month’s work, innit? I’m not greedy. A million pounds after tax. If [Simon Cowell] puts a million pounds in my bank, I’m in.”

But the NME Godlike Genius was quick to point out that his comments were tongue-in-cheek and he even made a joke about how much money he earns.

He added: “I hope he doesn’t really put one million pounds in my bank account. But a million pounds for six month’s work? That’s good money if you can get it, isn’t it? Even I don’t earn that much.”

You can watch a video of Gallagher talking about his NME Godlike Genius award by scrolling down and clicking.