Noel Gallagher – ‘I wish I’d met Kurt Cobain’

Gallagher heaps praise on 'Nevermind'

Noel Gallagher has admitted that he wished he’d met Kurt Cobain before he died.

The former Oasis man said he had lots in common with Cobain in the video interview which can seen above.

“I wish I’d met Kurt Cobain. I always had an affinity with him. He was left-handed, blue-eyed, a Gemini, loved The Beatles like me. I would have loved to have shot the fucking shit with him,” he said.


He added:

I asked Mark Coyle who co-produced ‘Definitely Maybe’ who was doing sound monitors for Teenage Fanclub when they went on tour with Nirvana what he was like and he said: ‘He’s fucking crazy but you’d like him.’

Gallagher heaped praise on the grunge legends’ seminal 1991 album ‘Nevermind’, saying: “All the great albums get greater with time. They never date. If you listen to ‘Nevermind’ it still sounds like the future of rock.”

The guitarist’s first solo album ‘Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds’ will be released on October 17 – he tours the UK and Ireland a week later.