Noel Gallagher compares quitting Oasis to ‘dumping a girlfriend’ – video

Star also warns fans not to expect any banter on his forthcoming solo tour

Noel Gallagher has compared quitting Oasis to splitting up with a girlfriend.

The guitarist, who walked out on the band after a row with his brother Liam in Paris in August 2009, said he was sick of arguing all the time.

Watch footage of the star talking about Oasis‘ break-up by scrolling down and clicking below. He said: “I’d liken to it when you know when you’re about to dump a girl, I don’t know what made it any different. We’d had worse fights, worse arguments.

“I don’t, maybe I just sat there and I thought, ‘This has gone on too long.’ I can’t remember what exactly I was thinking, but it’s like, why do people change jobs? You just sit there one day and you think, ‘I didn’t feel like this yesterday, but I feel like it now. I’m off.'”

Gallagher also warned fans not to expect any interaction when he tours next month, despite him being chatty in his previous solo shows with Oasis.

“The live side, even in rehearsals, it’s really strange,” he told It’s not really gonna hit me until I get onstage, because I haven’t got the genetic make-up of a frontman. I haven’t got anything to say, I haven’t got any new moves, I don’t know any jokes. I’ve just got songs.”

He added: “Frontmen come alive when they come onstage. I’ve got to wait and see what happens. I’m a bit… I wouldn’t say I’m nervous, but I’m trepidatious, if indeed that is a word. I’m not a natural frontman as of yet. But then again, my inner Elvis might take over when I hit the stage!”

His debut solo album, ‘Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds’, will be released on October 17.