Much vaunted side project gets under way...

Noel Gallagher has written three songs for his solo album and has revealed he wants to do “a lot less in Oasis”.

In an interview with The Sun newspaper on Monday (March 13), Noel said: “I’ve got more songs finished for it than the next Oasis album because I want to get Oasis away from writing slow ballad numbers.

“The ones I have written for Oasis are all really high-tempo, energetic sort of rock and roll.

“I’d like to do a lot less in Oasis. I don’t really want to sing on any of the songs on an Oasis album. I’d rather just stand and play the guitar.”

While The Sun newspaper billed its story as “Noel Goes Solo”, a spokesman for Oasis told “That’s a terribly old story. Noel‘s been talking about doing a solo album since he started doing press for the new album.”

The spokesman couldn’t say when or if the album recorded by Noel‘s side project band Tailgunner will be released. It was scheduled to be out in the first part of the year, but since Alan McGee announced he was to leave Creation Records, its future has been put in doubt.