The exclusive Oasis NME interview and the strange truth behind 'I Am The Walrus'...

Noel Gallagher has told NME that the version of ‘I Am The Walrus’, originally on the b-side of ‘Cigarettes & Alcohol’ and now included on the compilation ‘The Masterplan’, was not recorded at Glasgow Cathouse as the subtitle says.

“I’ll tell you what happened with this, and nobody knows this story,” Noel told NME‘s Keith Cameron in an exclusive interview. “We went up to do the Gleneagles Sony Seminar. It’s one of them shit things where all the twats in suits get together and they roll on the new signings. So we were doing the soundcheck, and we did ‘I Am The Walrus’. There was no-one there, it was empty. So that song was actually recorded at a soundcheck in Gleneagles, right? And I’m going to get in trouble for saying this, but the crowd noise was taken from a Faces bootleg album! Because it would look shit if you put ‘Live At Sony Seminar In Gleneagles’! We had a version of it from the Cathouse in Glasgow, which sounded quite similar but it was fucking rubbish. So we thought, ‘Fuck it, no-one’ll fucking know’. But I always meant to set the record straight one day. Sorry to anyone who bought it on the premise of being at that gig. It was an absolutely empty hall.”

As well as talking through all the tracks on ‘The Masterplan’, Noel also talks about his castle in Spain (“You may have read about it in The Sun,” the owner smiles, “but I can assure you it’s not a castle. It’s just a house.”) paid for with the royalties from Rod Stewart’s cover of ‘Cigarettes & Alcohol’, how Liam thought that ‘Acquiesce’ was a new car by Volkswagen and the strange fans who turn up outside his house every day.


The Masterplan is released on November 2 worldwide; there will be no single, though there will be a video of ‘Acquiesce’ made up from footage shot during the last show at Manchester G Mex which will be shown on TV around the time of the release.

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