The couple hint that that their split may not be as permanent as first thought...

Noel Gallagher and MEG MATHEWS have this afternoon (September 7) issued a joint statement regarding their marriage separation.

Breaking the silence they have maintained since the announcement late on Tuesday evening (September 5), the couple have appealed for privacy. They have also hit out at press reports carried in the UK this morning suggesting a fight had begun over the custody of their daughter Anais. There is also a suggestion in their statement that the break up may not be as permanent as first thought.

The statement reads: “As was clearly stated in the press release issued by Noel’s management earlier this week, we have very regrettably, after much thought and discussion, decided to separate for the time being. We would like to repeat that this is all that has been decided at this time.


“We wish to make it clear that we have made absolutely no final arrangements regarding our relationship, nor did we ever sign a pre-nuptial agreement. In particular the story printed in The Mirror today that we are fighting over custody of Anais and that either of us have ever questioned the fitness of the other to be a parent is totally untrue and deeply offensive to both of us.

“For the sake of Anais in particular we would ask the press to have the common decency and respect to let us continue to sort out our problems in private as we have done until now.”