UK tabloid reports indicate that the Oasis star's wife is unhappy with the quiet country life...

Noel Gallagher‘s marriage crumbled because his wife MEG MATHEWS refused to live like a “nun”, according to reports in the UK this morning (September 7).

The Daily Star newspaper alleges Meg refused to follow Noel’s lead into a quiet country life away from London, fuming that she was sick of living in a “farmyard”.

Serious rifts are also said to have developed when Noel questioned whether Meg‘s hectic cycle of constant partying served the best interests of their eight-month old daughter Anais.


Matthews is said to have hit back claiming “you don’t have to live like a nun to be a good mum”.

Elsewhere it is reported that Noel, who moved out of his of Buckinghamshire mansion yesterday (September 6), has moved for full custody of their daughter. The Daily Mirror claims the Oasis guitarist offered Meg #500,000 if she didn’t file a custody suit.

Neither Noel Gallagher nor Meg Mathews have commented yet on the break-up.