The Oasisstar admits he'd love a role in the British comedy The Royle Family...

Noel Gallagher has confessed he would love a role in the BBC comedy series THE ROYLE FAMILY, to which the Oasis tune ‘HALF A WORLD AWAY’ is already the theme.

Speaking during a webchat on MSN last night (April 26) Noel said: “Absolutely! I think they are making a film. I’d take up a part in the film. It’s fabulous. Totally, I think it’s just the best.”

The chat comes ahead of the online broadcast of Oasis’ live show from Toronto on Saturday (April 29) as part of what is being billed as Oasis Net-All-Nighter.

The Maple Leaf Garden gig will be screened from 1.45am GMT (April 30) and repeated every four hours on .

Throughout the night fans can visit the site for chats, Oasis prizes and video clips.

The show is one of the last on the North American leg of Oasis’ world tour. They return to Europe in June, before hitting the UK and Ireland in early July. The US tour has been much better received and more tickets sold for shows than on any previous Oasis visit, as Noel agreed during his webchat last night.

“I really enjoyed it this time,” he said, “I’ve grown to really appreciate it more as some place to come and work. I think one reason is that I don’t hang out in bars as much anymore. So I don’t get to meet so many wankers. We’ve done a run of really good gigs. All great, I really don’t think we’ve done a bad one yet. I liked Seattle, it was a bit dodgy because of first-night nerves. But it was good.”

During the chat Noel also played down the solo project he is working on, claiming to have written just three tracks. He also admitted that Oasis are considering releasing a live album, and slammed the ongoing Liam versus Robbie feud.

He said, “Listen, it is all fucking pathetic. Two singers with two massive egos the sizes of their arses. And they’re not small arses. So I’d just leave it done. I wouldn’t pay any attention to it.”

You can read the full transcript of the chat on [url=]