Noel Gallagher on being asked for selfies: “I just tell them to go fuck themselves”

Former Oasis man says he doesn't have to be nice to people because they like his music

Noel Gallagher has revealed that he has no qualms about turning away fans who ask for a selfie.

The former Oasis man explained in a new interview that he feels no need “to be nice to people because they dig my music”.

Asked what he does when fans ask for a picture with him, Gallagher told Rolling Stone: “I just tell them to go fuck themselves. I’m not beholden to anybody with a camera phone. I don’t give a fuck if they think I’m an asshole, either. I say, ‘I’m fucking busy here buying underwear.””


“Some people get offended,” Gallagher conceded, “but I don’t live my life to have my picture taken by fans. I’m not asking them to buy records. They buy them because they like them.”

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During the interview, Gallagher also shared his thoughts on rumours that brother Liam could be planning to reform Oasis without him.

Meanwhile, a new demo of the ‘Be Here Now’ Oasis track ‘Don’t Go Away’ has surfaced online. The track’s “Mustique Demo” will feature on the forthcoming deluxe reissue of the 1997 album. Noel Gallagher recorded the demo with producer Owen Morris on the Caribbean island of Mustique in early 1996, along with 13 other tracks that will be included on the reissue – which is due out October 7.