Noel Gallagher names his favourite David Bowie songs

Noel has been a Bowie fan since 'Morrissey started going on about him'

Noel Gallagher has picked his five favourite David Bowie songs following the music icon’s passing.

Bowie died earlier this month (January 10) after a 18 month battle with cancer. Gallagher previously said that he had been a Bowie fan since “Morrissey started going on about him”.

The former Oasis man chose his favourite Bowie tracks in an interview with Rolling Stone, handpicking ‘In The Heat Of The Morning’, ‘Fashion’, ‘The Jean Genie’, ‘Let’s Dance’ and ‘Heroes’.

Gallagher says he chose ‘In The Heat Of The Morning’ because he has “used most of the lyrics in it for bits and bobs over the years”, while saying of ‘Fashion’: “I love the discordant-ness of it all. It’s got a great stomp to it, and a great groove. Not blues, not jazz, not rock. It’s something else.”


‘Heroes’ was picked because it was the first song Gallagher ever heard by Bowie. ‘The Jean Genie’, meanwhile, is described as “maybe the most un-British-sounding song Bowie ever did. It’s very American, kind of blues-rock-based… He was taking a lead from Lou Reed.”

Gallagher also calls ‘Let’s Dance’ “arguably my all-time fucking favourite song by David Bowie,” adding: “Who doesn’t like jumping out of bed first thing in the morning and singing, ‘Put on your red shoes and dance the blues’? Everyone should be made to do that every fucking Monday morning.”

Listen to all of Gallagher’s favourite Bowie songs below.

Gallagher recently said of being introduced to Bowie: “Channel 4 used to do these five-minute profiles about a certain artists and potheads were into it cos it’d be Jefferson Airplane or Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac. There was one on David Bowie once night and they’re all on mushrooms and it was the first time I’d ever seen the footage from ‘Heroes’, and it was like, ‘Fucking hell, it’s unbelievable’.”

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