Noel Gallagher to support himself at London gig tonight

Gallagher will be backed by a band including former Oasis member Gem Archer

Noel Gallagher will support himself at a gig in London tonight (December 10).

Gallagher will headline the Royal Albert Hall this evening. However, instead of a regular support act he will open the show himself with a semi-acoustic set.

He will play with a band consisting of Russ Pritchard, Terry Kirkbride, Mikey Rowe, Jim Hunt, Dominic Glover, Nicholl Thompson and former Oasis member Gem Archer. Doors for the sold-out gig open at 6:45pm

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Tonight will mark the second time in a week that Gallagher has performed with Gem Archer. They played together for the first time since 2010 at a gig in Lincoln over the weekend.

Gallagher performed at Bishop Grosseteste University on Saturday night (December 5) and was joined by Archer to perform Oasis songs ‘Listen Up’, ‘Cast No Shadow’, ‘Slide Away’ and ‘Wonderwall’.

The gig saw 200 fans get the chance to watch Gallagher live and was part of Lincs FM’s An Audience With…series of concerts.

Gallagher recently discussed his regrets over the way Oasis broke up.

He said: “Leaving Oasis – that was a horrible night [in Paris, 2009]. I knew that it was going to be a decision that would follow me around – there’s still not a day where I don’t read something about us getting back together – so I knew what I was getting myself into. [It was the right thing to do], definitely. What Oasis had in its future was to do bigger tours and generate more money, which is great. I wasn’t planning on going solo, but it was such a mess that I was happier off [doing that].”

Gallagher also said that he is not interested in seeing The Stone Roses live unless the band record a new album, following the group’s recent reunion.