Noel Gallagher calls on ‘disgraceful’ United Nations to take action in Syrian refugee crisis

"What on earth was that assembly set up for, if not for things like this?" asks Gallagher

Noel Gallagher has called on the United Nations to take action in the ongoing Syrian refugee crisis.

Thousands of people, including many families with young children, have been left stranded after leaving war-torn Syria and attempting to seek refuge in Europe. After initially saying the country would not accept any more refugees, the British government backtracked and announced plans for 20,000 people to enter the country in the next five years.

Speaking to NME at the AIM Awards in London last night, Gallagher was asked what he made of the UK’s response to the crisis. Gallagher offered no opinion on PM David Cameron’s decision to allow a relatively small number of refugees into Britain but did, however, offer criticism of the UN and Russian leader Vladimir Putin.

“What I find fascinating is that the United Nations are sitting on their hands and no one has said a fucking thing about it,” Gallagher said.

NMEJenn Five/NME

“What on earth was that assembly set up for, if not for things like this? It’s a disgrace that the United Nations have not even called an assembly to ask, ‘What is the world’s reaction to this?’ I think this is going to break up the European Union. And the only person that’s going to benefit from that is Putin. He wants to break up the European Union so he can get the Soviet Union back together. That’s what’s going to happen.”

Gallagher is the latest musician to speak out about the Syrian refugee crisis. Bob Geldof offered to take in four families immediately while U2’s Bono said that “Europe will be no more” if the crisis is not dealt with properly.

Meanwhile, a campaign protesting recent right-wing arson attacks on refugees in Germany could lead to a punk band from the ’90s topping the country’s singles chart this weekend.