Noel Gallagher criticises amateur band for giving him an unlabelled demo CD – watch

Gallagher stopped his High Flying Birds gig in Boston to advise the young band

Noel Gallagher has criticised a band for handing him an unnamed demo CD.

Gallgher stopped midway through his High Flying Birds show at the Boston Opera House on Saturday (June 6) to educate the band on proper demo CD behaviour.

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“When you’re giving away CDs of your shit,” Gallagher began, “there’s not even a fucking name of who it is, or what it’s called, or a phone number, or nothing. No song titles, no name, no nothing. Now unless this is some psychedelic fucking album project, I’m saying, this cunt’s going nowhere. Thank you very much.”

Gallagher asked the band’s name, to which they replied “The Memo.” “The invisible man? No… the Memo?” he continued. “Do you fucking get the irony of that? A CD with nothing written on it by somebody called the Memo. Fucking hell — don’t make me say it.”

Watch the video below.

The former Oasis man recently commented on remarks made by Paul McCartney encouraging an Oasis reunion.

The group originally split in 2009 with Noel Gallagher citing at the time an inability to work with his brother Liam as the key reason. However, recent tabloid reports have claimed that Noel and Liam Gallagher had come to “a gentlemen’s agreement” to reunite, with other reports suggesting that the band would reform without Noel’s involvement.

In May, McCartney was quoted as saying: “I don’t know if they will ever make up. It would be good because I think everyone likes brothers to like each other – and make up. It’s a pity because they are very good together. Like many brothers, they are crazy. But it would be nice if they got together.” He added: “My advice to them? Just get together and make some good music! But they have got to want to do it. I think a lot of people would like them to do that. They are pretty cool guys!”

Responding to the former Beatle’s comments, Gallagher said in a recent interview: “I did read that, yeah… Tell [McCartney] if he writes our comeback single, it’s on. Tell him to write an Oasis track and then we’ll talk. I’ll just put that out there.”