Noel Gallagher on meeting Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong at U2 gig: ‘He was a nice guy’

The two musicians attended the Irish band's concert in San Diego

Noel Gallagher has revealed that he met Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong at a U2 concert recently.

The former Oasis musician attended the Irish band’s gig in San Diego earlier this month (May 19), describing the show at the time as a “psychedelic experience”. Now, Gallagher has spoken to the You Made It Weird podcast about meeting Armstrong at the show.

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“I met Billie Joe the other night,” Gallagher said. “I was sitting beside him at a U2 concert in San Diego. He was a very, very nice guy, I’ve got to say.” Gallagher also discussed meeting US talk show host Jimmy Fallon, saying that he seemed “actually interested in music”. Listen to the hour-long podcast in full here.

Noel’s brother and former bandmate Liam Gallagher previously said of Billie Joe Armstrong: “Fuck right off. I’m not having him. I just don’t like his head.”

Meanwhile, Oasis’ former manager Alan McGee has stated that he can’t imagine a reunion of the Britpop band happening “any time soon”.

The group originally split in 2009 with Noel Gallagher citing at the time an inability to work with his brother Liam as the key reason. However, recent tabloid reports first claimed that the brothers had come to “a gentlemen’s agreement” to reunite and then suggested that the band would reform without Noel.

Addressing the rumours in a new interview, McGee said: “Liam and Noel are the happiest I’ve seen them in years, so for that reason I can’t see a reunion happening.” Despite this, McGee stated that he wouldn’t be surprised if Oasis reunited “at some point in the next 20 years”. He added: “Who knows what goes on in the heads of the Gallaghers?”