Noel Gallagher says he ‘wrote better lyrics’ when he was high – watch

Former Oasis man also claims to be high when he claimed his band were 'bigger than The Beatles and Jesus'

Noel Gallagher has spoken about the inspiration behind some of his biggest songs, revealing that he wrote better lyrics when high.

Gallagher is currently touring North America with his band High Flying Birds. Speaking to reporters in Los Angeles earlier this week, the former Oasis man denied that ‘Wonderwall’ is the best song of all time, but conceded that Oasis may be the best English band since The Beatles “to some people”.

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Gallagher also revealed that he “might have been high” when he said that Oasis were “bigger than The Beatles and Jesus”, adding that whilst he doesn’t get high any longer, he did “write better lyrics” when he was under the influence.

Elsewhere in the clip posted by TMZ, Gallagher was asked if there was the “remotest possibility” that Oasis would get back together, to which he replied “no”. Watch the video in full below.

Noel Gallagher dedicated a song to Frances Bean Cobain at his LA show on Wednesday night (May 20). Kurt Cobain’s daughter met Gallagher backstage after the show, later uploading a photo to Twitter. She wrote, “What did you do tonight? @NoelGallagher thank you so much for hanging out&the song dedication & being all around rad!”

Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds play London’s Calling festival in July.

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